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Brake Rotors / Carbon Ceramic (CCST)

RSS is proud to bring you the latest in Carbon Ceramic Brake Rotor Technology. CCST (Carbon Ceramic Surface Transform) Carbon Brake Discs are direct upgrade/replacement for Porsche PCCB and Porsche Steel Disc Brake Rotors.

CCST Carbon Ceramic Discs feature next generation “Continuous Fiber Construction” - Patented Processes Traditional Chopped Fiber Construction. Manufactured in the United Kingdom at ISO/TS16494 certified facilities and are strictly controlled to the highest standards.

CCST Discs are the choice of OEM Partners and Super Car / Hyper Car Manufactures such as: Aston Martin, Mono, Koenigsegg, Singer Vehicle Design in addition to several other OEM’s who prefer anonymity. CCST rotors provide the ultimate in braking technology for motorsport such as the European Ferrari 458 Challenge, road-going hyper-cars and super-cars.

CCST Kits - Now Available for Porsche

•Porsche 981 Cayman GT4

•Porsche 991 GT3

•Porsche 991 GT3 RS

•Porsche 991 Turbo

•Porsche 991 Turbo S

•Porsche 991 Turbo

•Porsche 997 GT2

•Porsche 997 GT3

•Porsche 997 GT3 RS

•Porsche 997 Turbo

(993 Turbo Coming Soon!)


CCST - Carbon Ceramic Rotors vs. OEM – PCCB Carbon Ceramic Brakes & Current Generation Ceramic Rotors

- Temperature Reductions of up to 150 Degrees Celsius/302 Degrees Fahrenheit

- Up to 3x thermal conductivity of current generation Carbon-Ceramic Matrix Discs (CCM)

- Weight Savings of up to 70% over Iron brakes

- 10x lifespan improvement vs current generation CCM Discs

- Better Vehicle Dynamics, improved handling and drivability

- Reduction in Noise, Vibration Harshness, vs. CCN or Steel Rotors

- Unrivaled Performance from Cold

- Refurbish CCST’s up to 3 times, vastly reducing cost of ownership


Unlike traditional chopped-fibre CCM discs, our next-generation continuous fibre construction of the CCST discs allow for refurbishing the discs up to three (3) times when traditional chopped-fibre CCM discs would need to be thrown away.

The refurbishment process starts with a full disassembly of the discs followed by a thorough inspection of all parts. The disassembled rotors and hats will then be refurbished and reassembled using completely new hardware.

Refurbishing of a pair of disc assemblies (rotor, bells/hats, bobbins, etc.) starts at 900 USD plus applicable shipping fees. Cost includes disassembly, new hardware and reassembly.

NOTE: There will be some instances where rotors cannot be refurbished, due to technical requirements and tolerances. In such instances, we will contact you to discuss how to progress.

CCST Kits Include:

All OE Replacement and OE Upgrade Kits consist

•Assembled 2-piece discs (rotors + bell/hat)      

•Brake pads in either Pagid RSC1 (street/track) or Pagid RS29 (track only) compounds

•Any necessary hardware required to easily fit the kit onto the car.

**CCST come with a 1 year limited warranty for the original purchaser


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